Who We Serve

Our most sought-after services include the design and execution of one-on-one executive/leadership coaching programs and team development programs including partnering facilitation. What sets us apart is the thorough work that we do to get to know our clients and their teams which enables us to deliver accurately targeted development programs, and the structures we put in place that support our relentless focus on results.

Our clients include individuals and teams throughout the commercial and government sectors in the U.S. and internationally, with proven experience in the following areas:

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Large Government Agencies
  • Banking and Finance
  • Health Care
  • Higher Education

We work with individuals on one-to-one engagements, with internal teams and project groups, and with senior management to plan and execute organization-wide professional development programs for leaders.

A Sample of Clients Served

  • Senior-grade leaders with C-level responsibilities in large organizations that needed a customized way to develop and improve the effectiveness of their senior management;
  • Executives seeking the confidential support and partnership of a coach who would challenge them to more fully step into a powerful and authentic leadership presence;
  • New-to-role managers and leaders who needed to shorten their leadership learning curve and transition from technical expert to leader of others;
  • Identified high-performers who were being groomed for higher leadership positions within their organizations and seeking an effective way to achieve their full potential;
  • Agencies that were seeking to develop their next generation of leaders and looking for a better alternative to traditional classroom training;
  • Organizations that sought to implement a managed leadership coaching program;
  • Internal teams that were seeking a focused program to help them understand team dynamics and personality, blind spots, and identify ways to work more cohesively and effectively;
  • Project teams brought together from inside and outside the organization to execute a large contract that sought a formalized team partnering process to ensure a successful project and effective partnership.

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