Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a highly effective solution that dramatically speeds up an executive’s development and provides lasting results. Our clients say that, above all other leadership development programs, coaching has been the process that actually facilitates the development of the skills and behaviors they want most.

You may be wondering what it is about coaching that makes this possible. Chances are that, when someone has been in a leadership role for a decade or more, a leader knows the fundamentals of motivation, communication, and teamwork. Development becomes less about the acquisition of knowledge and more about the practice of wisdom. The unique nature of the coaching partnership develops this wisdom by focusing the learning on profound explorations of self, others, and organizational dynamics.  Executives who embark on this learning journey are then equipped with a masterful leadership presence that enables them to confidently guide others.

If you are thinking “I haven’t needed or wanted this before, so why now?” you’re not alone. A seasoned executive is often initially resistant to the idea of leadership coaching, believing that, through their experience, they are well-equipped to handle leadership challenges by virtue of seniority and the “been there, done that” mentality. Through our work with executive leaders, we’ve found that, as they attain higher levels of responsibility, leaders appreciate stronger levels of support. Striving for continuous improvement is a hallmark of great leaders, and navigating the pathway to greatness is best supported by a skilled guide. 

Leadership development beyond “leadership 101” is deep personal development, involving

  • learning to think differently
  • expanding awareness and openness to different sources of information, and
  • further developing the ability to understand, evaluate, and manage internal motivators.

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