Transitioning to Lead

As technical experts become leaders, their success begins to depend on the quality of their relationships. Relationships are built on trust and respect, which are based on an individual’s perception of the leader and how closely that perception matches the leader’s intentions and promises.

Transitioning to Lead focuses on shortening the individual’s leadership learning curve. After many years of experience being the technical expert, individuals are placed in leadership roles with little or no preparation of how to work with teams, how to navigate the potentially complex management environment, and above all, how to lead others effectively.

This program leverages the best tools available to make the transition happen and hit the ground running as a newly minted leader or supervisor of others. Using a customized combination of assessments, leadership coaching, and involvement of the senior sponsor, the new leader quickly builds confidence, understands expectations, and delivers results much faster than if he were to fumble through it on his own.

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