Team Partnering

part•ner•ing (noun ): a structured process designed to enhance collaboration and team effectiveness among multiple stakeholders from a variety of groups and organizations that often represent competing interests, divergent processes on how to achieve common objectives, and strongly held beliefs of performance expectations.

Our partnering process uses a disciplined and targeted approach to advance the overall mission of the team by

  • identifying the issues
  • strengthening group engagement, and
  • gaining stakeholder commitment

As a result of partnering, team members understand performance expectations, align with team goals and objectives, and identify team and personal accountabilities that are critical to success.  To complete the partnering process, a series of on-going progress checks, commitment reviews, and team evaluations are conducted to maintain accountability, sustain team progress, and course correct as necessary.

Partnering is not a one-size-fits-all solution—our process starts by doing our homework and getting an exceptional understanding of each team before the partnering event. The feedback from our clients has been that our inclusive approach and thorough preparation are the key differentiators from other partnering firms. Our attention to team history, mission, and dynamics guarantees that each hour is a worthwhile investment of time and energy. Contact us or request a call so that we can begin designing your team’s partnering workshop with you today.