Team Performance Coaching

Once a team engages in the partnering process and they begin to improve working relationships, communication, and team processes, it is all too easy for teams to become captive to the latest emergent issue and lose momentum on improving the team. “Improvement” equals “change,” so resistance is to be expected. But those improvements are important—they were designed by the team specifically to ensure that they could achieve their intended results. This is where team coaching makes a difference, by focusing the spotlight squarely on the team’s evolution and the steps each member needs to take to maintain momentum towards achieving the team’s goals.

Working with a professional coach offers the team the kind of support, challenge, and structure that

  • permits a deeper level of dialogue,
  • calls attention to unproductive behavior patterns, and
  • encourages individual and collective commitments to change.

Team coaching sessions are conducted during the team’s regular meetings, with discussion focused on the team’s goals and the challenges its members are encountering in attaining them. The coach serves as an active observer, challenging the team’s current dynamics where necessary, supporting change where it is most helpful to the team, and ensuring productive conversations that keep the team moving towards its intended results.

Our Team Coaching is a transformative process—it brings the team into an entirely new mode of operating. We tailor the engagement to allow the team ample time to work through challenges and practice new ways of thinking and interacting, so that they truly evolve to a higher level of performance. Throughout the team coaching process, we offer executive advisory and coaching sessions to the team leader before and after team meetings to support his learning and further ground him in the role. Both teams and their leaders learn to thrive on their own.

To learn more about how team coaching works and to determine if it’s right for you and your team, contact us or request a call.