Our Philosophy

worldAWAKE was founded on the belief that each person’s time and talent are precious resources—valuable gifts given to the organizations they serve. Those resources are not just given in exchange for a paycheck, but also for the opportunity to create something meaningful, to develop connections with others, and to use our unique strengths and perspective to solve problems.  Work can be exhilarating. It can add meaning to our lives—not just money to our pockets. And work can be a place of freedom, where we get to turn our ideas into actual products and services that serve others. There’s someone whose support is critical in making this a reality…You.

Leaders don’t just make a difference, they make ALL the difference. Leading others is a privilege, and it’s also a challenge that can be a great source of fulfillment. We believe that the potential to be a great leader resides within anyone who is bold enough to step forward, humble enough to seek feedback, committed enough to try new things, and open enough to take a hard look at themselves. If this describes you, we’d like to count you as a partner in turning this vision into a reality. Please reach out to us.