Leadership Performance Assessments

We offer a variety of leadership assessment options to meet your needs.

EQ 360

Like the EQ-i 2.0, this survey covers emotional and social competencies in 5 areas of Emotional Intelligence: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making, and stress management. When a leader utilizes the EQ 360 in their development, they expand their self-awareness, experience greater interpersonal success, and increase their effectiveness in managing external demands.

What we like about it: This tool helps smart people become great leaders. The report provides a bold, visual gap analysis that quickly reveals a leader’s biggest opportunities for improvement. Through a combination of the report and companion workbook, individuals discover a targeted, actionable development path.


Conflict Dynamics Profile – 360

The CDP 360 builds on the benefits of the Conflict Dynamics Profile – Individual (CDP-I) by gathering input from bosses, peers, and direct reports on a leader’s conflict behaviors and the tolerance for specific destructive behaviors in the organization. Leaders can see how their results compare to other leaders who have completed the CDP 360, giving them a better sense of what is actually exceptional or below average conflict behavior. As with the CDP-I, leaders receive a 42-page development guide to help them learn and practice new behaviors.

What we like about it: In addition to the benefits of the CDP-I the information builds a leader’s awareness of how they are perceived in one of the most insidious and daunting leadership situations—conflict.


Interview 360

The more senior a leader gets, the more difficult and important it becomes to collect actionable feedback. Getting clarity on the appropriate focus area is often best achieved through customized interviews conducted with a wide variety of people close to the leader. Through robust discussion and holistic analysis, the interviewer ties together themes and gets to the heart of the leader’s challenges and opportunities.

What we like about it: Interviews provide an unsurpassed depth of understanding of the leader and the world in which they operate. The information is invaluable for the leader’s coach, and it immediately focuses the leader’s development work on the most important and impactful areas.


CCL Assessment Suite

worldAWAKE is proud to be certified to facilitate the CCL assessment suite, including the following 360-degree measuring tools:

Executive Dimensions

Designed specifically for top-level leaders, this assessment provides feedback to executives on how well they lead the business, lead others, and lead by personal example. The report includes exclusive normative comparisons to 3000 other executives, and includes a development planning guide.


Best for middle- and senior-level managers with at least 3 years of experience, this assessment collects feedback on how well individuals lead the organization, lead others, and lead themselves. It also assesses existing problems that can derail the individual’s career and is accompanied by an individual development guide. Data can be compared to a specific norm group based on industry or organizational function to give participants a sense of how they’re performing compared with leaders in their field.


This assessment specifically speaks to the development needs of high-potential individuals by providing feedback on two types of behaviors: the skills most often found in successful executives, and the learning behaviors needed to acquire these skills. The individual development guide helps participants to sort and prioritize feedback and create a comprehensive plan for achieving their goals.

360 by Design

This assessment allows an organization to choose from among 94 research-grounded competencies and 5 derailment factors to create a 360-degree assessment that addresses the specific skills most important in their leadership structure. The 360 By Design is perfect for clients who have well-developed and communicated leadership principles, and who want feedback on those practices that truly make a difference in their organization.

What we like about it: CCL’s research is deep and continually improved, and their assessments provide sound data to leaders seeking high-impact development opportunities. The assessments offer guidance for leaders in every stage of development, from high-potential individual contributors to seasoned executives.